Anti-Paleo Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Every couple of months, I will make these cinnamon rolls and they, obviously, go over extremely well. 20140607-092354-33834103.jpg
These cinnamon rolls are gluten free, but far from Paleo considering the amount of sugar and the ingredients in the mix I use. But sometimes you just have to give in and, if you know there aren’t going to be lasting repercussions, go for it.
These are made with the Bob’s Red Mill pizza crust mix using the recipe here or on the packaging. I try to use Paleo ingredients where I can with coconut milk to help with the icing and coconut sugar for brown sugar. But with food allergies in the mix we still have to use earth balance butter and Ener-G Egg Replacer where real food options would be much better and easier.
If you want to indulge , don’t want to stay strict Paleo, and don’t plan on being productive the rest of the day, these are awesome, and will definitely be a hit.
They are so good, but will likely spike blood sugar, so expect a drop later in the day. At least try to eat some good fat with it to help offset the blood sugar imbalance and give you energy once the carbs and sugar are burned off. Eggs would be a good choice.

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