Gluten Free Movie treat

Go Picnic Ready to Eat Meal – Paleo at the Movies

A couple of weeks ago, I got to go see a preview showing of the new X-Men film, which was really entertaining by the way, and the people who were hosting it even gave us a per diem for food at the snack bar.  Now, I did not at all expect them to have anything that I could eat at the movies, so I went up with the full intent of getting a bottle of water and walking away empty handed, left to wait until after the movie to get anything in my belly.

Gluten Free Movie treat
Gluten Free Movie treat

I was totally shocked when I looked at the bottom of the snack rack and saw something that looked almost like real food! It was something called a GoPicnic Ready-To-Eat Meal.

I had honestly never heard of these things before, so I picked it up and looked it over and it actually looked halfway decent. It wasn’t ideal ingredients, but it was something doable in a bind. It is individually wrapped packages of a few different products. The crackers are the Crunchmaster Multi-Seed crackers, that are quite tasty, a little package of cheese to spread, some turkey pepperoni, some dried fruit and nuts, and a little caramel for dessert.  I stayed away from the peanut pack, but the rest I ate with gusto as everyone around me ate their popcorn and sugar treats. And I felt great after. No gluten, some soy in the crackers, and I didn’t even eat the peanuts, so I was pretty happy with my decision.

I will definitely have to keep this in mind for next time as this was a solid option for going to the movies. I suppose I could do popcorn, but corn isn’t all that easy to digest, so it can bring on digestive distress later in the day if you hit it too hard. There are other varieties as well like a Turkey Stick and Crunch variety that looks good, though you trade some junk in the Pepperoni one for different junk in this one, so either way it isn’t ideal.  If you can, just bring your own snacks, but this is a surprisingly nice option if you need something when you go see a movie.

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