Meatballs and sweet potato fries

Some days I have something very specific for lunch and other days I am just grabbing something as I go out the door. Today was an “out the door” type of day.

Last night I made some sweet potato fries with olive oil, old bay seasoning, paprika, and salt. I put them all in a bowl and just mixed them up really good and put them on parchment for 30 minutes at 400*. They were great last night and just as good today.

Yummy SP Fries
Yummy SP Fries

I brought those to work with me along with some Aidell’s mango and jalapeno¬†meatballs. While the meatballs aren’t paleo since they have soybean oil, cane syrup, and are cooked in vegetable oil, they are fairly minimal in the ingredient category, though not as minimal as the Caramalized Onion ones, which you buy as a large pack together at Costco.

It’s so hard for me to find real examples of what Paleo folks eat for regular lunches when they aren’t making some fantastic concoction, so I am hoping to do this more to show people some options you can have when you can’t eat strict paleo without totally derailing your results.



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