Honey Pork Single

Paleo Honey Chipotle Pork Tenderloin Review

Honey Pork PanThis was a very pleasant surprise.

When my wife and I go out to eat on a date, which is rare, if we have the time, we like to go one town over to Abuelo’s and have supper. They have this honey chipotle pork tenderloin that is gluten free and really great. This recipe took a little bit of googling, but this was pretty blasted close to the one at Abuelo’s and came out pretty fantastic, and there was nothing crazy in it that caused it to be un-Paleo.

As with most of these recipes, I changed a few things, this time not on purpose.

Honey Pork SingleI actually sliced the pork before cooking, which the recipe says to do the entire tenderloin as one large piece, but doing it this way allowed it to be a much quicker meal since it didn’t have to cook quite as deep. ¬†And I also ended up making double the rub since I had more square inches to cover before putting them in the skillet. We paired it with some asparagus and red potatoes and had a really solid comfort food type meal. So, if you haven’t ever been happy with the way you have prepared pork tenderloin, this might be a good option as my whole house ate it well and we all really liked it. The one thing I’ll probably make a change on next time is simply making more of the glaze to dip in, or something similar as that is something I missed about it compared to Abuelo’s, but if I had that, it would be just as good.


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