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Paleo Wraps Review

paleo wrapsThis is another example of not being able to do sandwiches or regular tortillas and finding something so much better. This is a Paleo Wrap.  This is from the same company who does Paleo Bread, but this is, in my opinion, a superior product.  It is a paleo tortilla made only out of coconut meat and coconut water. There is a slight sweetness to it, which gives it a little different flavor, but they hold up extremely well, and can hold whatever you put in them. I like putting meatballs, some cheese, and some avocado in it. Or putting sandwich type food like turkey, pepperoni, mustard, tomato, etc in the wrap. I do have a pretty hefty appetite, so I typically eat 2 of these since they aren’t huge and I can’t load them up with everything it takes to fill me, but they are fantastic.

I would choose this, honestly, over bread any day, Paleo or not!  They have a turmeric flavored version that I haven’t tried yet, so that may be in my future. And they aren’t cheap, as you can see from the amazon link at about $1.50 each, but they work so well. I have found a few recipes on making them in a dehydrator that I may have to take for a spin here soon to see how the cost and flavor difference weighs out. If I end up going that route, I’ll be sure to put it up for everyone to see.


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