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Buttery White Rice and Kevita Review for when your are sick and Paleo

So, my wife had an off weekend. Her stomach was not feeling well, so she didn’t get to have as much fun on this Father’s day weekend as she would have liked. We think she got into some gluten that affected her system negatively. She’s feeling better now, but for a period, she was afraid to eat anything.

So, when you are paleo, you can’t eat saltines, you don’t want to drink gatorade, and chicken noodle soup is great if you have the time to make it, which we didn’t. So, what do you do? You turn to the basics.

SimplyHumanLifestyle has a recipe for Buttery White Rice that he used with his kids when they were sick, so I did the same for my wife and she said it was like eating a steak when she wanted something but was afraid of anything hitting her stomach too hard.

The rice is a good clean carb, the butter gives a good fat for some longer lasting energy, and the bone broth gives some much needed vitamins and minerals to help her heal. She said it was really good. We didn’t let the rice soak in all of the bone broth because she was really hungry by this point, so she ate it more like a soup at first, then she refrigerated it and ate the rest for lunch next day, which is perfect since cooled rice is a great form of resistant starch that helps digestion.

I’ll have to remember this next time someone in our house gets sick as it hits a lot of high points without much prep.


As for the gatorade replacement, I bought her some Kevita that was strawberry acai coconut flavored kefir water that she said was good, which is also great for digestive problems and settles the stomach. Kombucha probably would have been a little better since its ginger based. And then of course she had some broth in addition, which is fantastic for immune boosting.

Why choose Kerrygold on Paleo?

Kerrygold Butter

I was listening to a podcast yesterday and they mentioned Kerrygold butter. One person said that he ate Kerrygold, and the other asked why it was better than other organic butters. And I believe his response was “I don’t think it matters”.

So, let me explain why Kerrygold is truly better than most other organic butters for a single reason.

Grassfed vs. Grainfed

Cows have four stomachs. How odd is that? But there is a reason for this. Cows are big, kind of slow animals so they don’t eat meat since they can’t couldn’t catch it, they eat veggies, specifically grass and weeds and things that are easy to get most anywhere. Then, since they are ruminant animals, the food they eat, the grass, makes its way through each of the stomachs, digesting more each time as this is what their bodies have adapted to ingest over the long period of time that cows have been on the earth.

Now, over the past 100 years or less, we have been feeding them grain because it is a cheap veggie option that we can cultivate and put into feedlots easily to cause bigger cows that are better producers in a more industrial setting. But, as with our diets, just because this change creates results that we are happy with, it doesn’t mean it creates the best output in terms of the cow’s health and the quality of the product they produce.

Mark Sisson has a fantastic article about butter that covers everything, but I will give you the highlights.

  • Grassfed cows create more Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), than their grain fed counterparts, which is good for things like heart health and reducing belly fat.
  • Grassfed milk and butter have more overall vitamins and minerals than their grain fed brethren.
  • The Fatty acids, and Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio are so much better than the grain fed option.
  • And it tastes better. The sweetness that grassfed butter creates is so much better than any of the alternatives. That’s why I use it as my topping when I have pancakes.

So, the overall theme is that it’s a better option. As Mark Sisson says in his article, even grainfed butter is a better option than fake fats like margarine or vegetable oil, but Grassfed butter is the gold standard. I buy my Kerrygold from Costco, but I have heard of some really good deals on it at Trader Joe’s as well, and you can always order it online. So, while the price may be a little bit higher than the cheapy butter at the grocery store, it is something we find is worth it in the long-run.