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Paleo Wraps Review

paleo wrapsThis is another example of not being able to do sandwiches or regular tortillas and finding something so much better. This is a Paleo Wrap.  This is from the same company who does Paleo Bread, but this is, in my opinion, a superior product.  It is a paleo tortilla made only out of coconut meat and coconut water. There is a slight sweetness to it, which gives it a little different flavor, but they hold up extremely well, and can hold whatever you put in them. I like putting meatballs, some cheese, and some avocado in it. Or putting sandwich type food like turkey, pepperoni, mustard, tomato, etc in the wrap. I do have a pretty hefty appetite, so I typically eat 2 of these since they aren’t huge and I can’t load them up with everything it takes to fill me, but they are fantastic.

I would choose this, honestly, over bread any day, Paleo or not!  They have a turmeric flavored version that I haven’t tried yet, so that may be in my future. And they aren’t cheap, as you can see from the amazon link at about $1.50 each, but they work so well. I have found a few recipes on making them in a dehydrator that I may have to take for a spin here soon to see how the cost and flavor difference weighs out. If I end up going that route, I’ll be sure to put it up for everyone to see.


Epic Bar Review

Bison Epic BarWhen you eat a Paleo diet, packaged foods that truly fit the criteria are hard to come by, especially ones that are really tasty. Epic has come up with the idea of these bars that have multiple flavors that have real meat and some sort of fruit and nuts to create what my wife affectionately calls a “meat bar”.  She won’t try them just because of the idea of it, but I love them. The one in the picture above is my favorite though. Bison, bacon, and cranberry makes for a fantastic flavor. It isn’t like a protein bar that has some sort of modified protein in it to make it more protein dense. This is real food that is ground and packed for convenience.

This isn’t the type of bar that you just scarf down either like you would a snickers bar. I take very small nibbles to enjoy every bite, plus it is real meat, so it takes a bit more time to chew. It isn’t tough like jerky, but more soft and more gourmet. Epic has a lot of different flavors. The turkey, cranberry, almond is pretty good, the beef, habanero, and cherry is good too, but it is real habanero peppers, and not flavoring, so they really do get a bit warm,  and they have a lamb, currant, and mint that I haven’t tried quite yet, but it’s on my list.

They have a sampler pack you can buy as well that has one of each, so if you want to get your feet wet, this is a good choice.

In the way of convenience foods that truly fit the bill, these things are fantastic, and very good options to have as you run out the door and don’t know when you will eat next, or even as your protein in a light meal combined with veggies.