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Inspired Fitness Gear Speed Jump Rope Review

I am always trying to find the best way to workout. ┬áIt’s not because the ways I workout right now are bad, it’s just I am always looking for the most efficient and effective way to workout no matter where I am. Besides, it’s nice to change it up from time to time to make sure that all of your muscles get worked differently instead of only a handful by doing the same exercise consistently.

One thing I have wanted to add to my arsenal is jump rope, but I have a terrible time using a jump rope and could never understand why. Apparently it has to do with the type of jump rope that I was using. I have a rope type with wooden handles, which seemed like the right kind since it was so well made, but I have a terrible time because I have to double wrap the rope around my hands when I jump because of the length, plus it is heavier than I need. How did I find this out? From my new jump rope.

I got a new jump rope from Inspired Fitness Gear and it is so much better and easier. It is a wire frame with a plastic cover, and you can actually move the stopper to make it the right length for you. Plus it is super light, so I can actually jump more consistently. Below is my video review for a look at the item, but I am very happy with it and surprised at how much of a difference the right jump rope can make.


Also, as an added bonus, they have created a coupon code for my readers to get $2.50 off of the purchase of their jump rope by using the coupon code AF10YEAH when you get it on Amazon. A very good deal indeed. Let me know your thoughts on the Jump Rope, and this great deal!


**I did get this jump rope for free as a review copy, but this is my completely unbiased and truthful review of the product.