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Paleo Breakfast Sushi Review

I love sushi.

When My wife and I were dating, on one of our first dates, maybe even our first, I had her try sushi for the first time, and she absolutely craved it from then on. We don’t do sushi near as much as we used to just because of the cost of getting good sushi, plus with kids you don’t get to go out to good sushi places often either.

When we were a young married couple, we tried to make sushi. The bad part is that we tried to make it on a Friday night, after work, with no experience. We had all of the tools, which we had received as a wedding gift, but none of the knowledge. We didn’t realize that this would be such a long process. By the end of the night, we were both starving, angry, and never wanted to try that again, at least not on an empty stomach after work.

While not near as pretty, this Breakfast Sushi recipe is really fantastic! I got a pouch of salmon along with 5 eggs and an avocado, rolled it up in a few pieces of seaweed, put some green onion on top, and dipped it in some tamari, and absolutely loved it. This will definitely be making a reappearance in my breakfast rotation. It took a few more minutes than just doing scrambled eggs, but only because this was the first time, and I was disorganized. It really was a very quick breakfast once everything was out that I needed. I will say that I need to sharpen my knife because I had to poke a hole in the seaweed so that it wouldn’t just crush the spot I was trying to slice through.

The next time I will probably put the green onion on the inside because it kept falling off of the top, and if you like green onion, you know that you want some of that in every bite.

Breakfast Sushi

Paleo “Beer” Battered Fish & Chips Review

Everyday Paleo Fish & Chips
Everyday Paleo Fish & Chips

Doesn’t that look nice? Even though I couldn’t stand it and took a bite of fish before I took the pic?

On Wednesdays, I work from home most weeks, which gives me the opportunity to do things that are a bit more involved for supper. Tonight was definitely one of those nights because there was a little prep in making the tartar sauce, and cutting the potatoes. The fish was oddly the quickest part of this whole thing.

This is the “Beer” battered fish and chips recipe from Everyday Paleo, which we used sparkling water and turned out great. I have been trying to find a good way to do fish that we really liked, and I think this is going to be it. It was super simple, and even Baby Girl really enjoyed it. We used tilapia and grouper, and it turned out really, really well. We also made the “chips”, and they were pretty easy other than just the simple act of cutting them all up.

And the tartar sauce is from the same recipe. That did take longer than I expected because I thought we had something I could use for mayonnaise, but we didn’t have enough to make the tartar sauce, so I had to make the Everyday Paleo Mayo, then use that mayo to make Everyday Paleo Tartar Sauce. So, the whole process was not quick, but the tartar sauce turned out pretty well, and was a really good compliment to the fish, though it didn’t taste exactly like the tartar I am used to from the store as the dill was a little more overpowering than I expected. But it was a good sauce that I may end up using on things other than fish, which I wouldn’t do with regular tartar.

We will definitely be doing this again as soon as I can get another good deal on fish.

My Go-To Lunch

My Standard Lunch
My Standard Lunch

So, this is my normal lunch. And I know it doesn’t look amazing, but it is easy to store, quick to eat, and fairly cheap.

It is Sardines and veggies. This is what I eat at least a couple of days a week. I get 6 cans of the Wild Planet Sardines from Costco for $10, which is a fairly cheap protein, then put that with some mustard and sriracha and, if I have the forethought to pack one, a half or whole avocado. Then I steam the Organic Normandy veggies from Costco and have those frozen in individual ziplock bags so I can grab one in the morning or leave a couple at work for when I need them.

I have looked and looked for options for paleo lunches that are truly portable and easy, and this or the BA Salad are the easiest and best things you can do if you don’t have leftovers waiting on you in the fridge or freezer that you can heat. The Sardines are a great source of Omega-3’s, as well as Vitamin D, and have so many other vitamins in it, it doesn’t make sense to list here. ┬áCheck out the Vitamins and Minerals on this page.

Plantain Chips from the store
Plantain Chips from the store

Now, a couple of months ago, I looked in the clearance section of Kroger and found something that I grabbed every single one of. Plantain chips! These little guys are fantastic for dipping into the sardine mix. I will eat about half the bag at lunch, and it gives me some good crunch, salt, and carbs, and the only ingredients on the bag are plantains and palm oil. Not too shabby Kroger. Too bad they don’t have them anymore since they were on clearance, because these are really nice. Guess I need to go to a more ethnic store to get some of my staples.